Right, you’ve got the materials, and you’ve made your very own Tron disc. You’re half way through making your very own Tron costume. Now we need to add the main lighting to the suit. I wanted to make my costume resemble Sam Flynn’s costume as much as possible. That meant examining lots of footage from the film as well as photo stills and behind the scenes footage. In the end, there were some aspects of the costume used in the film that would have been very difficult/expensive to emulate, but the overall effect was achieved.

First, I mapped out the design of the costume as seen in the film. Then, I mapped out a configuration for the various EL strips and EL wires that I had, that roughly fitted the design. Bear in mind all wires needed to be connected to the battery which is held around the upper back area.

Here is the configuration I used:

  • 2x 40cm EL strips down the chest (32cm would be fine but my supplier only had 40cm ones so I used black duct tape to hide parts)
  • 2x EL “L-shaped” strip along the breast
  • 2x EL hoops above the breast
  • 2x EL hoops at the waist
  • 1x 3m EL wire for the chest and back
  • 1x 3m EL wire for the left arm, back hoop and waist
  • 1x 3m EL wire for the right arm, back hoop and waist

Note: these circuit diagrams were drawn before I decided to add the two “L-shaped” EL strips to the costume.