This is probably the most time consuming part of the process. Basically I cut out lots of ‘panels’ on foam, bevelled them out to run wire along them, then put a hole at each end of them for the wire to stitch in and out of the wetsuit. Avoid elbows and knee-caps, but make sure to leave slack on the wire inside the wetsuit in these places. I also made special panels that housed the wire in a coil for the back hoops. 3m of EL wire is enough to run from the neck (where it will attach to the battery) down the arm, back up the arm, down the back to the back hoop coil then down the leg. So I used one wire for each side. Again, don’t forget to leave slack in areas inside the wetsuit where there’ll be a lot of bending.

For the waist hoops, it’s much the same process as making the vest. You’ll need a splitter to connect them inside the wetsuit, then run the wire up so its connector comes out of the neck of the wetsuit.