I decided to revisit this costume and make a more accurate version. Here are the reference photos. From what I can tell, the base layer is a polyester/cotton/nylon fabric. Then there’s a neoprene rubber layer with windows cut out in the moveable areas and for ventilation. The lights are not electroluminescent tape (EL tape), they look much more flexible than that, and are probably a patented technology called Elastolite.

The neoprene exo-suits were made from moulds of the actors’ bodies, and require serveral people to put the suit onto the actors. I don’t have those luxuries so I’ll be making a best effort to replicate the suits from in my own home. I’m still testing materials and adhesives but will publish a list of requirements soon.

Olivia Wilde, Joseph Kosinski, Jeff Bridges, and Garrett Hedlund on the set of TRON LEGACY_jpg suit-close-up undersuit