Most of the EL wire would be thread through the wetsuit and glued down onto small panels of the foam. But the larger EL strip components are too fragile to risk bending. So I decided to attach most of the EL strips to a vest, that would attach on top of the wetsuit. The items to attach to the vest are:

  • 2x 40cm EL strips
  • 2x “L-shaped” EL strips
  • 2x EL hoops
  • 1x 3m EL wire

I cut out a waistcoat-shaped area from the sheet foam and used relfective tape to mark where these areas would be. I then cut out a shoulder/back brace area and attached that to the front area. The back brace would eventually be glued to the back of the wetsuit, then, once the wesuit was on, I would pull down the front part of the vest over my head, kind of like a seat belt on a rollercoaster. Threading the wires through the vest took some patience, as did creating the bevels for the EL wire to sit in. Once I glued down all the components, I labelled all the wires and attached the back of it to the wetsuit.

Finally, add small velcro patches (around 5cm x 2cm) to the sides of the back brace, and to the bottom of the front part of the vest. This may seem like a lot of work. Well, it is, but if you want your Tron costume to look smart, and tight fitting like in the film, this is the best option.