Your Tron Legacy costume is almost complete. For the gloves, just get some basic black gloves from a DIY / electrical store, and cut out completely the two middle fingers, and partially the little finger, leaving a ring for the little finger. I also cut a strip down the crotch of the wetsuit and stuck on a velcro fastener so I could go to the toilet without taking the costume off.

I wasn’t satisified with the security of the disc on the holder, so I duct-taped some larger flat magnets onto the Tron disc, and it now sits on there very securely.

And now the considerations of wearing the costume:

  • It takes 15 minutes to put on, and 15 minutes to take off
  • You have to be completely naked to put it on. No underwear, no jewellery
  • You get really hot indoors, and you sweat
  • Wearing a wetsuit for hours makes your muscles ache
  • It’s not waterproof, drunk person proof or council estate proof
  • You can’t do anything that involves bending too much as the foam panels will break off. Sitting on a chair, walking and grabbing/replacing your disc are pretty much all you can do in it

Otherwise, enjoy the costume, and send me photos.